08-12-24 21:00

Again! CTEC Hikers Conquer Themselves



On July 19th, CTEC hikers had their 3rd hike activity. This time the destination is the Simatai Great Wall built in Ming Dynasty. 


Under the scorching sun, the hiker team of 25 people set out to the mountain with their green flag. Though the Simatai Great Wall is only 6-kilogram long, it rises to a height of 986 meters and is featured with a dangerous and unusual way as well as an ingenious design. The hikers’ destination was the 8th beacon tower, a real challenge to everybody. The hot weather and hard road couldn’t daunt these young people. They finally reached the destination with supporting and helping each other all the way. He who never has been to the Great Wall is not a true man. The most fabulous scene is always on the perilous peak. Through the activity, the hikers establish a brief, that is, conquering themselves will bring out greater potential. They are expecting a new journey soon. More young people are welcomed to participate in the game of the brave. 

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