08-12-24 21:00

First Flying Sun Long-distance Race Held

On Nov 16th, the first Flying Sun Long-distance Race was held by CTEC Labor Union. With the venue set in the Olympic Forest Park, the race attracted 143 players from the company to attend. Three items were set in the race, 5-kilo relay race, female 5-kilo challenge, and male 10-kilo challenge. The Engineering 2nd Group won the team item 5-kilo relay race with a record 19’24’’. Li lina from the Quality Dept. defeated other 35 players and won the championship of female 5-kilo challenge. Yuan Zhisheng from the Engineering Dept. won the male 10-kilo challenge with a record 47’11’’.


The activity enriched the employees’ daily life and aroused everybody’s fitness consciousness.


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