08-12-24 21:00

863 Program Sub-Tasks Undertaken by CTEC Passed Mid-Term Inspection



Caption 1: Photo of experts and CTEC staff


Caption 2: Experts and leaders from MOST visited CTEC’s Yongfeng manufacturing base

On Oct 9th, the three sub-tasks of 863 Program "Very Important Engineering Automatic Control System for Nuclear Power Industry" undertaken by CTEC passed the mid-term inspection organized by MOST (Ministry of Science and Technology). The stage achievements have won high praise of the leaders from MOST and experts participating the inspection.
During the mid-term inspection, the technical directors from CTEC reported the R&D progress of the projects. The expert team went through piles of technical files and made a spot investigation of the DCS installation and commissioning of Hong Yanhe NPP project in our Yongfeng manufacturing base which was what the three sub-tasks were backed. In the end, they agreed on the sub-tasks' conformance with the requirements and indicators stipulated in the contract.
The gratifying result of the inspection shows the recognition and inspiration given to CTEC by related authorities and experts, which will no doubt boost the following R&D work. And it also brought the confidence to the members who are participated in the sub-tasks to finish the whole tasks successfully.

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