08-12-24 21:00

CTEC Signed Ningde DCS Contract


Thanks to this contract, CTEC would increase its amount of work to about 80% with taking charge of the system design, product supply and technical support of the whole non-safety DCS part as well as part of the design work and equipment supply in the safety DCS part. The achievement of this contract symbolized CTEC's engineering implementation capacity had reached a new level.

On Oct 15th, DCS Supply Contract for Unit 3&4 of Ningde NPP Phase I was signed in Daya Bay Nuclear Power Base. Vice GM Chen Yingjian of Ningde NPP, Vice GM Xia Linquan of CNPEC, GM of Nuclear Energy Marketing Dept.Katsuya Furuta and Vice GM Yangzhou of CTEC attended the signing ceremony.

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