08-12-24 21:00

Leaders of the National Energy Administration (NEA) Made a Visit to CTEC








On Oct. 27th, a team led by Li Ye, Director-General of the Energy Saving and Science Equipment Department, NEA made a visit to CTEC to inspect the construction progress of the National Energy NPP DCS R&D Center. Zheng Dongshan, Vice GM of CGNPC and Chairman of CTEC, and Hao Zhijian, GM of CTEC accompanied the guests.


They visited the DCS prototype developed by CTEC itself and the company's Yongfeng manufacturing base where there was carrying out the DCS assembly and integration testing work of the Hong Yanhe and Ningde NPP projects. The management reported to the guests on the construction progress of the National Energy NPP DCS R&D Center as well as the company's scientific achievements and efforts on industrial criteria drafting.
The leaders carefully listened to the report and gave us many kind advices and suggestions. Mr. Li on behalf of NEA showed the ardent expectation of CTEC. Mr. Li said the reason that NEA set the first national NPP DCS R&D center in CTEC was to foster China’s own nuclear power I&C enterprise of the international class. The Administration hopes CTEC to build up a sound R&D center and gain more creative achievements based on the platform.


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