08-12-24 21:00

Closer Relationship to be Built to Ensure a High Engineering Quality





The guests visited the assembly and testing workshop of the safety and non-safety systems at Yongfeng manufacturing base. The engineers from CTEC introduced the DCS manufacturing and integration testing progress of Hong Yanhe and Ningde projects which were currently cooperated by the two parties. Mr. Sakuyama sang high praise for CTEC's spacious workshop, excellent working environment and orderly testing process. He said that he believed products from this kind of factory would have a convincing quality. During the visit, the two parties also communicated about the ongoing projects. The Hong Yanhe Phase I project was commonly regarded as the start point and foundation of the cooperation as well as the touchstone of together achieving other projects in China in the future. The two parties promised to fulfill the task with a high quality through a closer cooperation. Meanwhile, the project was expected to help build up confidence in future bilateral cooperation and enlarge the scope of cooperation not only in domestic but also abroad market.


On Nov. 6th, Masaki Sakuyama, Executive Officer and Group President of Energy & Industrial System of MELCO Tyoko, Masahiko Yamawaki, General Manager of Energy System Center of MELCO Kobe, and Kuninori Kaneshige, Unit Manager of Nuclear Power System Export, Power Systems Unit of MC Tyoko made a friendly visit to CTEC accompanied by Hao Zhijian, General Manager of the company.


Zheng Dongshan, Vice GM of CGNPC and Chairman of CTEC, and Wang Changli, Chairman of Hollysys and Director of CTEC attended related activities.



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