08-12-24 21:00

Closer Cooperation to Ensure Ningde Project's Progress



On Nov 27th, a group led by Deputy General Manager Chen Yingjian of Fujian Ningde Nuclear Power Company Limited visited CTEC's Yongfeng manufacturing base and went through the progress of Ningde DCS project.
Deputy General Manager Chen Yingjian said he was really impressed on the orderly production and management of the workshops at Yongfeng. As all the interfaces and designs are converged in DCS, it's considered the most complicated one in nuclear power equipments. CTEC could undertake this hard work was a driving force for CGNPC's localization task. Therefore, more communication and closer cooperation are expected to ensure the smooth implementation of the project.
Ningde NPP is located at Beiwan Village, Qinyu Town, Fuding City, Fujian Province and is the first nuclear power project after the issuance of the National Nuclear Power Mid-Long Term Development Plan. In 2010, Unit 1&2 of this NPP will enter erection phase and Unit 3&4 will commence the civil work.

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