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CTEC Ranked Among "Top 100 Growing Enterprises" in Zhongguancun




On Dec 4, the opening ceremony of "Innovation Zhongguancun 2009" theme activity was held in Haidian Exhibition Hall, which announced the opening of the 3-day theme activity. In the opening ceremony, a release conference of Top 100 Core Zones of Zhongguancun National Self-Innovation Demonstration Zones was held, which contained three Lists: "100 Enterprises with Best Development Potential", "100 Enterprises with Best Innovation Capability" and "100 Enterprises with Best Comprehensive Strength". CTEC ranked among "Top 100 Growing Enterprises" in Zhongguancun. Some renowned enterprises such as Huawei, HP and GRINM were also awarded the title.


The activity of "Top 100 Enterprises" in Zhongguancun is to implement the State Council's plan of "Constructing Zhongguancun National Self-Innovation Demonstration Zones", and meet the requirement of Beijing Municipal government's suggestions on the construction of demonstration zone and reply to fastening construction of core zones. To develop a batch of innovation-oriented enterprises with global influence and develop considerable global brands, the large-scaled activity was strongly supported by Zhongguancun Haidian Science Park Management Committee when the construction of Core Zone of Zhongguancun National Self-Innovation Demonstration Zones started. The activity chose top100 enterprises in Zhongguancun based on the statistic data from Haidian Science Park Statistics Center and combining experts' suggestions from the aspects of corporate comprehensive strength, innovation capability and development potential, and finally formed the "Growing list", "Innovation List" and "Comprehensive Strength List".


CTEC has established sound operation management mechanism in the continuous development over the past few years, obtained many outstanding achievements and played a crucial role in NPP construction by means of technical innovation. Selected by the "Growing List" reflected the company's rapid growth. It will no doubt boost its image promotion and future development.

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