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National R&D Center for Nuclear Power DCS was awarded to CTEC




On Jan 6th, 16 national R&D centers in energy industry were declared in Beijing. The "National R&D Center for Nuclear Power DCS" was awarded to CTEC. GM of CGNPC, the group He Yu attended the ceremony and GM of CTEC Hao Zhijian accepted the awarding on behalf of the company. After the ceremony, Li Keqiang, Vice Premier of the State Council was present at the Energy Technology Development On-Site Meeting and made an important speech. Zhang Guobao, Vice Chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and Direct or of the National Energy Administration (NEA) made a report titled in "A Sound and Fast Development of China Energy Industry Boosted by Progress in Science and Technology".
During the meeting, Vice Premier Li Keqiang listened carefully to Hao Zhijian's introduction about progress in advanced I&C system research for nuclear power application and the future plans of the R&D center when visited CTEC's pavilion. He also operated the mini DCS developed on our own intellectual property in person with a great interest and asked for the R&D details of the product. Mr. Li emphasized core technology is what you can never buy from others and we must develop our own technologies and equipments in energy area.
The 16 R&D centers shouldered by pillar energy companies and research institutes involve many key energy sectors such as nuclear and wind power, efficient power generation and transmission, equipment manufacturing and material production. In line with the two topics "Low Carbon and High Efficiency", they are expected to boost the progress of the whole energy industry and its structure modification as well as energy saving and emission reduction. The "National R&D Center for Nuclear Power DCS" to be established by CTEC will be committed to form a DCS technology system including safety, non-safety and dedicated I&C systems, train an expert team in R&D and engineering management, and realize the nuclear power capacity building target based on technology development and project implementation. The center was awarded to CTEC shows the line authority's recognition of the company's passed performance and their further expectation on its vanguard role in the industry. It means both an opportunity and a challenge to the company itself. To accomplish this mission, CTEC will insist on innovation in the future.

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