08-12-24 21:00

Senior Vice President of EDF Group Performance Made a Visit to CTEC





On Feb 10th, five guests from EDF made a friendly visit to CTEC. They are François Buttet, Senior Vice President of Group Performance Antoine Badinier, Vice President Strategy & Synergy Business Department, International & Group Synergies Division, Michel Pierrat, Vice President of Asia Pacific Direction, and Bernard Sentex, Vice Director of Nuclear Power Department, Asia Pacific Branch-China Division.  


During the visit, CTEC introduced to the guests the company's development history and its achievements made in recent years, and answered the questions about KIT/KPS refurbishing project of Daya Bay Nuclear power Station. The team also visited CTEC's manufacturing base in Yongfeng Industry Park. As the first trip to China, Mr. François Buttet, the EDF expert with many years' nuclear engineering experiences, was deeply impressed on the company's independent innovation capabilities and achievements, clean and orderly workshops, ongoing project scale, and production and management competence.





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