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National R&D Center Shouldered by CTEC Passed NEA Review



On May 8th 2010, CTEC passed the expert review organized by the National Energy Administration (NEA) on the National R&D Center for Nuclear Power DCS (hereafter called Center). According to the scoring standards of the evaluation system the Center constructed by CTEC achieved a good result.  


A team formed by several authoritative experts from nuclear power I&C industry held a comprehensive review of the Center's basic status, construction progress, R&D topic setting, and investment in science and technology after a strict and scrupulous report and document evaluation process. The experts agreed that the Center had a detailed and practical planning and a satisfied overall construction progress. And the focused 7 key R&D topics were consistent with the development direction of the Center itself and the whole industry. The Center was also believed having opened up a unique and smooth road of technology introduction, assimilation and re-innovation. The three indices –original cost of the instruments and equipments, investment in science and technology, number of R&D staff all met the requirements of NEA.


In the review process, the expert team also proposed valuable comments and suggestions. They encouraged CTEC to insist on its R&D direction of enterprise leading and strengthening cooperation among industries, universities and research institutes, and carry out key technology development aiming at the common problems in the industry. As a leading company in domestic nuclear power DCS field, CTEC was expected to make greater contribution to the improvement of the country's core competence.


Now CTEC is working hard to improve the management mechanism and infrastructure. On the basis of independent innovation, it focused on 4 platforms, 7 topics and several laboratories/research offices to push forward the construction of the Center. Many independent innovation results have been achieved and core technologies with intellectual property been developed, which greatly guaranteed the safe operation of domestic nuclear power stations.

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