08-12-24 21:00

CTEC Guaranteed Success of Pakistan NPP's System Commissioning




On Apr 27th 2010, Unit 2 of Chashma NPP in Pakistan (hereafter called C2) successfully finished its hydrostatic test of primary circuit. The stable and reliable operation of the plant computer system for C2 with CTEC responsible for its installation and commissioning ensured the realization of the key milestone.


The C2 plant computer system is mainly used for key data monitoring and analysis of the NPP. It was accepted and delivered to the site on August 2008. In early November 2009, it started running. The operator station of the main control room and the engineer station of the computer room were put into use on schedule. During half-year's operation, it had provided data reference and guidance for many system tests, such as 220 kilovolt inversely feeding, WES, WUH, SCW commissioning and hydrostatic test of primary circuit, which make sure the successful completion of various tests and the smooth progress of the whole project.


Now many process systems for C2 on site are under commissioning. CTEC has dispatched professional engineers to the site. They will provide comprehensive commissioning instructions and technical supports to the next key project milestone - the rotation-impulsing test of the steam turbine and other commissioning work before it starts the commercial operation.

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