08-12-24 21:00

CTEC Was Awarded Demo Project of Key High-Tech Equipment (First of Its Kind)



Recently the 2nd Signing Ceremony for Government Procurement of Zhongguancun Innovative Products in 2010 was held in Beijing Conference Center. It was jointly organized by Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform (BMCDR), Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission (BMSTC), Beijing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology (BMCEIT), Finance Bureau of Beijing and Zhongguancun Management Committee. About 400 delegates from the local government, project owners, local enterprises in Zhongguancun S&T Park (the Park) and public media attended the ceremony.
At the ceremony, there were 25 projects from 22 enterprises awarded Demo Projects of Key High-Tech Equipment (First of Its Kind) in the Park of the Year, including the “Non-Safety DCS Simulator for Mega-Kilowatt NPPs” from CTEC.
Demo Projects of Key High-Tech Equipment (First of Its Kind) in the Park are mainly awarded to those key projects executed in Beijing or the country for the first time, whose technologies and equipments are developed with their own intellectual property. And these technologies and equipments all have great contribution to the area and the country’s economic development. The selection activity aims to encourage the local enterprises to enhance their capability of independent innovation.
The non-safety DCS simulators from CTEC are developed to satisfy the domestic market demand for this kind of products. Self-reliant innovation allows us to upgrade the products without limitation according to onsite application requirements and development of new technologies.

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