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MELCO New Management Made a Visit





On June 4th, Yoshiaki Nakatani, Group President of Energy & Industrial System, MELCO made a visit to CTEC. Accompanied by Hao Zhijian GM of CTEC, Yoshiaki watched the installation and commissioning of the safety and non-safety DCS in the workshop. He asked about the system production and testing progress of cooperative projects. Later the two sides had a communication in a friendly atmosphere.
The new Group President of Energy & Industrial System Yoshiaki has rich experiences of power transmission and water supply industries, and is very familiar with DCS. He said he would like to pay more attention to the 10 DCS supplied for Hong Yanhe and several other nuclear power stations, which were responsible by both CTEC and MELCO. He also expressed the willingness of strengthening the cooperation of the two parties. GM of CTEC Hao Zhijian showed his welcome on behalf of the company and the hope that MELCO could see the growth Chinese nuclear market with a strategic vision and regard the cooperation with CGNPC and CTEC from a higher perspective. He hoped the two sides could well avail of their advantages and strengths and increase investment to guarantee the success of Hong Yanhe and Ningde Projects.
The delegation visited CTEC this time also included Katsuya Furuta, General Manager of Nuclear Energy Marketing Dept., MELCO, Naoki Nemoto, Unit Manager of Power & Electrical Div., MC and several other managers from Mitsubishi.


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