08-12-24 21:00

EDF Operation Specialists Visited CTEC




Bernard Desroches, Vice President of International Projects of EDF Generation and Engineering Dept., Nuclear Power Plant Operations Division, and Eric Pohu, International Project Manager of EDF Generation and Engineering Dept., Nuclear Power Plant Operations Division visited CTEC on 5th of August. They visited the manufacturing premises and listened to CTEC's presentation with great interest.


Accompanied by Mr. Xiao Yuhua, Director of CTEC's Marketing Department, Mr. Desroches and Mr. Pohu visited the DCS assembling and testing premises for Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant in the first floor, and discussed about assembling flow, project progress, and designs features on avoiding dust and salt fog damage. In the FirmSys Prototype Lab on the third floor, Ms. Shi Guilian, Chief Engineer of CTEC's Technical Dept., introduced to them in detail the system structure in detail, testing and validating procedure and the launching time of Firmsys (Safety DCS).Following up the lab tour, Ms. Shi introduced the success of CTEC's KIT/KPS project in Daya Bay. Mr. Desroches and Mr. Pohu asked several questions concerning CTEC's capability in long-term service and resource planning.


Mr. Deng Haoshi, who once worked in Daya Bay for 5 years and was Vice-President of EDF Asia-Pacific Branch, is very familiar with China's situation related to nuclear industry; while Mr. Pohu, who is an advisor in China's nuclear projects for a long time, is an expert in the operation of nuclear power plants and especially familiar with Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant. Mr. Pohu once reported to related departments of EDF in writing, describing the good performance of CTEC's KIT/KPS in Daya Bay.


With increasing exchanges and communication with experts from EDF's different departments, CTEC has obtained increasing focuses and recognitions from EDF, which has laid a good foundation for the future long-term cooperation of both sides.

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