08-12-24 21:00

Yamamoto Masayoshi from Mitsubishi Electric Made a Visit to CTEC



On Aug 17th 2010, Yamamoto Masayoshi, General Manager for Power Systems Marketing Div,Mitsubishi Electric Corporation made a friendly visit to CTEC. Mr. Masayoshi had a conversation about the two parties' current project collaborationand future strategic cooperation with Hao Zhijian, General Manager of CTEC.
Before the meeting, Mr. Masayoshi visited the workshops in the company of Xiao Yuhua, Chief Marketing Director of CTEC, and Shihonmatsu Takeshi, Director & Vice President, General Manager for Electronics and infrastructure Div, Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. He used 3 words "clean, tidy and efficient" to express his impression of the production environment.


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