08-12-24 21:00

EDF Started the Onsite Supplier Qualification Review on CTEC




At 10 o'clock on Dec 6, 2010, EDF started the onsite supplier qualification review on CTEC. At the kickoff meeting, Yang Zhou, Deputy General Manager of CTEC on behalf of the company extended a warm welcome to the 6 experts holding the review from EDF, and the hope that the work could achieve complete success.
Chief Engineer Zhu Yiming, Chief Marketing Officer Xiao Yuhua, Vice Manager of the Engineering Dept. Hu Jinsong, and the audit team members from various departments of CTEC attended the meeting. In the following week, the 6 experts would proceed with the supplier qualification review from Society and Economy, Technical Capability, Product Quality and Nuclear Safety four main aspects, which included document review, workshop visit, field clarification, technology assessment and other items.
The onsite review is an important part of the qualification audit held by EDF for its suppliers. Both the top management and relative business units of CTEC gave high priority to it. The audit team members would act as the initiators of their departments to coordinate every review work.

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