08-12-24 21:00

In-Depth Exchanges between EDF & CTEC


         On Apr 6th 2012, Mr. de Guio, Director of the Industrial Politics at the Engineering Nuclear Division,
Mr. Jean-Claude Prenez,Executive Vice President of EDF Asia Pacific Direction and President of Electricity Partnership
France China and the entourage had a one-day tour at CTEC. The delegation visited the workshop and R&D center of CTEC, 
and had an in-depth communication with CTEC mainly on its qualification, R&D, engineering, and safety software V&V 
(verification and validation).

         EDF (Electricité de France) had a total nuclear power installed capacity of 98.4 GW in French until last year.
In March 2011, CTEC received the Supplier Qualification Certificate of Electricity-I&C Equipment from EDF, which means 
it had become the first Chinese nuclear equipment supplier qualified by EDF and also the only one till now. Since then, 
more high-level visits and exchanges of various levels have been made.

         Xiao Yuhua, Zuo Xin and other managers from CTEC attended the activities.


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