08-12-24 21:00

HYH Unit 3 BUP Had a Successful Power-on



        At 8:30 PM of May 15th 2012, the backup panel (BUP) for Unit 3 of Hong Yan-he Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) designed by CTEC itself was on power for the first time before being handed over to factory test. The success marked another progress made by CTEC in its DCS R&D.

        BUP is an important part of the main control room of a NPP, which is always considered as a key safety guard. As a backup to KIC, it can control the safety-classified devices and display related key signals as well as the signals of PAMS and some non-safety devices. Complex functions mean higher and more stringent requirements for design, assembly and test. The Project Team overcame a series of difficulties and finished the work successfully.






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