08-12-24 21:00

HYH Field Service Station Inaugurated



                In the morning of May 15th 2012, CTEC’s field service station set up for Hong Yan-he Nuclear Power Plant (HYH) was inaugurated. Mr. Jiang Guojin, Vice General Manager of CTEC and Mr. Zheng Weiping, Vice General Manger of HYH together unveiled the nameplate of the service station at the ceremony.

                 Mr. Zheng Weiping expressed congratulations on the inauguration of HYH Service Station. He said it would play a positive role in promoting the project implementation and ensuring the commercial operation of Unit 1, which was the most important task of HYH currently. He hoped that the field service station could fully avail of its technical expertise to provide support and protection for the smooth operation of the HYH project, not only under construction but also in the operation and maintenance of the units. Mr. Jiang Guojin said that CTEC would try its best to ensure the smooth progress of the project. As the first DCS project of the company, CTEC considered it as its key task of the year as well. The establishment of the field service station was to provide a “zero-distance service” to the project. Any problem occurred or discovered on site would be solved at the first time to guarantee the safe operation of the system.


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