08-12-24 21:00

6 Outcomes Passed CNEA Appraisal


               On June 18, China Nuclear Energy Association (CNEA) held the appraisal of 6 science and technology achievements made by CTEC in Beijing. They were Full-scope Simulator Virtual DCS (FSS) for CPR1000 NPPs, R&D of Engineering Development and Management Platform of Non-safety DCS for NPPs, NPP DCS Test Device Development, Prototype R&D of RPS Function and Performance Verification for CPR1000 PWR NPPs, LOCA Surveillance System (LSS) for 1000MW PWR NPPs, Technologies of Anti-seismic Structure Design and Verification Analysis for 1E DCS Cabinets. The appraisal meeting was hosted by Mr. Xu Yuming, Vice Secretary General of CNEA. There were 9 experts from China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd. (CNPEC), Nuclear and Radiation Safety Center (NRSC) of Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) and other institutes.

              The appraisal committee listened to the technical report made by CTEC engineers and reviewed relative proof materials. After the Q&A and discussion, the experts made a scientific and objective appraisal on the six outcomes achieved by CTEC in terms of their advancement and innovation.

              The outcomes closely integrated the engineering practice of nuclear power DCS projects and proved to have good economical benefit and social efficiency.

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