08-12-24 21:00

Haiyang EG Project Kick Off



          On July 25th, the kick-off meeting of Haiyang NPP Emergency System Project (hereafter called EG Project) was held at the plant. People attending the meeting included Mr. Yu Bing, Vice General Manager of Shangdong Nuclear Power Company Ltd. (SDNPC), Mr. Ma Jiqiang, Manager of CTEC’s Engineering Dept. and the teams from both sides.

          Project members of the two sides reached consensus at the meeting, hoping to strengthen communication and work closely. The attendees expected an excellent project with CTEC’s over 10 years’ experiences in nuclear emergency system field and SDNPC’s close collaboration. 

          Having its emergency system EmInfosys applied in the 3rd generation of nuclear power plants will broaden the application scope of CTEC’s related products. The project is helpful to deepen the understanding of both sides and open possible cooperation in future.


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