08-12-24 21:00



        On Aug 7th, Mr. Gao Feng, Deputy Dean, and Mr. Sun Yongbin, Deputy Director of Instrument Control Institute of EDE, CNPEC visited CTEC. 

        General Manager Jiang Guojin accompanied the guests to visit the assembly and test workshops of CPR1000 projects, CPR1000 DCS prototype lab, nuclear safety product line, and the labs of the National R&D Center of NPP Digital I&C Systems. The visit enabled the experts a detailed understanding of our DCS system integration, factory test, safety-class card production, and project R&D progress. The two sides also made a further exchange after the visit.

        Mr. Tan Ke from Instrument Control Institute of EDE, CNPEC, and Mr. Ma Jiqiang, Mr. Xiao Yuhua and Mr. Zhang Huanxin from CTEC participated in the activity.

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