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        On Oct 18th, Mr. Jérôme De Parscau, CEO of ATOS Worldgrid, Mr. Andéol Ayzac, Head of Atos Worldgrid China,Mr. Ye Chen, Nuclear Business Manager, and Mr. Liu Yang, Account Executive of ATOS Worldgrid China made a friendly visit to CTEC.

        Mr. Jiang Guojin, General Manager of CTEC, gave the French guests a warm reception. The two sides conducted in-depth talks on the products, markets and project opportunities, which were believed helpful to strengthen bilateral strategic relationship and to obtain project opportunities.

        ATOS Worldgrid, a branch company of ATOS, delivers services to the energy market and public utilities. It has provided solutions to all 58 in-service EDF nuclear power units in France. In April 2012, it signed a MOU (memorandum of understanding) with CTEC and CNPEC France to strengthen the cooperation especially in the field of nuclear energy.

        Mr. Xiao Yuhua, Marketing & Sales Director of CTEC attended the activity.

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