08-12-24 21:00

Vice President of R&S Business Group of Areva Made a Visit


        On Oct 26th, Mr. Jacques Mulbert, Deputy Senior Executive Vice President of R&S Business Group, Areva, Mr. Jean-Baptiste Pernot, Senior Vice President, Operating Plants & New Build Supply, Areva China, and Mr. Wu Zhengqiang, Business Development Director, NPP I&C and Electrical System, Areva China made a friendly visit to CTEC.

        Accompanied by Mr. Jiang Guojin, General Manager of CTEC, the guests visited the DCS system integration, factory test area and safety-class board production line. They also heard the introduction of the company’s R&D progress.

        As a leading nuclear energy company in the world, Areva Group is mainly engaged in nuclear fuel mining, refining and sales, nuclear reactor manufacturing, and nuclear waste recycling. Areva is currently constructing two EPR reactors in China Taishan together with CGNPC and EDF.

        Mr. Xiao Yuhua, Marketing & Sales Director of CTEC attended the activity.

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