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In August 2012, CTEC signed a contract as the subcontractor with China Nuclear Power Simulation Technology Co., Ltd. (CNPSC) to provide full-scope verification simulator of the nuclear safety supervision technical support system for Nuclear and Radiation Safety Center (NRSC), Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People’s Republic of China (MEP). As the first major project of the national nuclear safety system in the field of nuclear energy, it was a successful trial of the two companies to expand the external market together outside CGN.

The full-scope verification simulator mentioned in the contract, is a simulator covering normal operating conditions, design basis accident (DBA) and beyond design basis accident (BDBA), designed for improved second-generation PWR nuclear power plants which have the largest number of units under construction and in service in China. In this project, CTEC is responsible for the supply of the KVM system, BUP and other equipments, as well as related software.

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