08-12-24 21:00

Cooperative Development of Yangjiang Unit 5&6 RPS Started



On Nov 1st, CTEC signed an agreement with EDE of CNPEC, to jointly develop RPS (Reactor Protection System) for Yangjiang Unit 5&6. CTEC, EDE (Engineering & Design Institute), PSE (Equipment Procurement and Supply Division) of CNPEC also held the kickoff meeting of the engineering application of RPS in Yangjiang Unit 5&6 based on FirmSys.

Leaders from several sides expressed their determination to push forward the engineering application work. Mr. Shu Guogang, General Manager of CNPEC, and Board Chairman of CTEC, greatly appraised the high degree of coordination among the participated organizations. He hoped that every side fully understood the importance of R&D of the nuclear safety product and ensured the smooth progress of the engineering application work.






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