08-12-24 21:00

NNSA Leaders Visited CTEC


On Nov 28th, Mr. Tan Minqiang, Deputy Director of Nuclear Safety Division One, National Nuclear Safety Administration (NNSA) and other 3 people from the Nuclear Device Office visited and inspected CTEC, accompanied by Mr. Jiang Guojin, General Manager of CTEC, Mr. Bai Tao, Chief Engineering Officer, Mr. Xiao Yuhua, Marketing & Sales Director, and Mr. Meng Guangguo, Manager of the Quality Department.

The NNSA leaders inspected the company’s undergoing CPR1000 DCS projects, and R&D, appraisal and application of FirmSys. They also visited the minimum configuration system developed on the basis of FirmSys for Yangjiang Unit 5&6, NPP Digital R&D Center of NEA, and the nuclear-safety device production line. Engineers from CTEC reported the company’s overall situation, the development of 1E-class DCS platform and its engineering application.

The achievements made in the R&D, appraisal, V&V, integration, design and manufacturing of the DCS products for nuclear power stations were highly appraised by the NNSA leaders. CTEC was expected to sum up experience, work out effective workflows and standards, and thus push forward the application of FirmSys in 1000MW nuclear units.



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