08-12-24 21:00

Zero-fault NC-DCS Witnessed ND Success



At 1:12 am of Apr 15th, Ningde NPP Unit 1 (hereafter called ND Unit 1) successfully completed the 168 hours full load trial operation, which meant the unit is ready for commercial operation. Zhang Shanming, General Manager of CGNPC presided over the countdown ceremony. CTEC project team holding on in the field had the honor to witness the important moment.

The DCS project for ND Unit 1 started in 2008. CTEC was responsible for the supply of all NC-DCS (non-safety DCS) equipments as well as the installation, integration, test, verification and validation (V&V) and jointly design work of 1E-DCS (safety DCS) equipments. Zero-faultNC-DCS was the greatest reward for our 5-yr efforts and the best commitment to the customer. This is the first one put into commercial operation for CTEC NC-DCS, and also the first successful practice of domestic NC-DCS.


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