08-12-24 21:00

Upgrading DCS/KIT/KPS Equipments of Qinshan II 650MW Unit 1 Dispatched


On Feb 20th, the Non-safety DCS, Centralized Data Processing System (KIT) and Safety Panel System (KPS) supplied to Qinshan II Unit 1 successfully passed the factory acceptance test (FAT) and were dispatched from CTEC.

Qinshan II Unit 1&2 DCS/KIT/KPS Upgrading Contract was signed on Apr 20th 2012. As the largest scale digital I&C upgrading project for in-service nuclear power units, the project was featured in a large number of physical points, complicated incoming lines of the original systems, and stricter upgrading requirements. It was the largest and the most challenging upgrading project which CTEC shouldered after the KIT/KPS upgrading of Daya Bay NPP. The upgraded digital I&C systems is believed to better guarantee units’ operational stability and safety.

The DCS/KIT/KPS upgrading project is a comprehensive test on CTEC’s capabilities of R&D, engineering implementation and project management. Through implementation of the project, the company has accumulated plenty of in-service unit I&C system upgrading experience, which laid a solid foundation for undertaking follow-up similar upgrading projects in the country or abroad. The design work for Unit 2 is going to start this August and the equipments are planned to be dispatched in November 2015.



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