08-12-24 21:00

YJ Unit 1 Welcomed Commercial Operation


At 15:00 pm of Mar 25th, Yangjiang NPP Unit 1 (hereafter called YJ Unit 1) successfully completed the 168 hours full load trial operation. In the next morning, China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN) announced the official commercial operation of the unit, the third CPR1000 newly-built unit in the Group was put into commercial operation after Ningde Unit 1 and Hongyanhe Unit 1.  


CTEC was responsible for the supply of all NC-DCS (non-safety DCS) equipments as well as the installation, integration, test, verification and validation (V&V) and jointly design work of 1E-DCS (safety DCS) equipments. YJ Unit 1 is the first nuclear power unit whose 1E-DCS detailed engineering design and site installation and commissioning guidance is responsible by CTEC. It is also the one with lest upgrading before commercial operation in the three CPR1000 units. Until now, the unit and I&C device have been running in good condition.

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