08-12-24 21:00

Shu Guogang Meets YASUYUKI ITO



On June 11th, Mr. Shu Guogang, General Manager of CNPEC and Board Chairman of CTEC met Mr. Yasuyuki Ito, Executive Officer and Group President of Energy &Industrial Systems Div., MELCO.

Shu Guogang expressed his warm welcome to Yasuyuki Ito and his heartfelt thanks to MELCO and CTEC for the two sides’ contribution to DCS equipment supply for CGN’s 14 CPR1000 nuclear power units when reviewing the construction process. After the meeting, Yasuyuki Ito also visited CTEC’s production line and testing workshop.

Other senior managers from MELCO, CNPEC, CTEC and CNPDC participated in the activity.


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