08-12-24 21:00

PAC Issued to ND Unit 1 Non-safety DCS Project


On Aug 22nd, CTEC received the PAC (Provisional Acceptance Certificate) for Ningde Unit 1 Non-safety DCS project issued by the owner. As an important milestone of the project, it means the non-safety DCS equipments supplied by the company formally enters into the guarantee period. 


The DCS supply contract of ND Unit 1 was signed in November 2008. It took about 26 months from design start to supply of the last batch of equipments, which guaranteed the successful commercial operation of the unit. CTEC project team created a plurality of firsts among a couple of CPR1000 DCS projects. For instance, ND Unit 1 is the first one to be put into commercial operation. It is also the first one completing refueling overhaul and the first one to issue- PAC. And the non-safety DCS provided by CTEC has many performance parameters and indicators in the aspects of human computer interaction and data acquiring, processing and maintenance better than other similar equipments. The implementation of the project brings valuable experience for the follow-up units.

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