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On Sept 1st, Mr. Liu Baohua, Director of Nuclear Power Division of National Energy Administration (NEA), accompanied by Mr. Zhang Weiqing, Deputy Chairman of CGN (China General Nuclear Power Group), made a visit to CTEC and listened the report on nuclear power DCS R&D.


Liu Baohua visited CTEC’s production line, assembly workshop, and R&D center, asked for the progress of Yangjiang NPP Unit 5&6 DCS Project as well as the construction and research progress of the National Nuclear Power DCS R&D Center at CTEC, and watched the demonstration of the simulated main control room of NPPs. A special report was held after the visit focusing on the safety-classified DCS product FirmSys developed by CTEC. Liu affirmed CGN’s achievements on nuclear power DCS development and expected CTEC to continue its efforts on key technologies research and industry standards formulation of nuclear power DCS industry.


Relevant persons in charge from NEA Nuclear Power Division, Mr. Li xiaoxue, General Manager of CGN Investment and Development Dept., and Mr. Jiang Guojin, General Manager of CTEC participated in the activity.

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