08-12-24 21:00

Good to be Home!



On Sept 22nd, the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Base welcomed her children “travelling outside”. They were 27 excellent staff representatives from various departments of CTEC who seldom had opportunities to go back to the Group and nuclear power base.


“Daya Bay is the root of CGN. Welcome back!” the exposter let these young employers feel at home. Under her guidance, they visited the nuclear science exhibition hall and had a deeper understanding of the operation principles of the nuclear power plant and nuclear safety knowledge. In the skill training center, the simulation of the fuel rod replacing process was demonstrated to give an intuitive feeling. They also visited the simulated digital main control room of Ling’Ao NPP Phase II. 


On a viewing platform, they got good sceneries of Daya Bay, Ling’Ao Phase I and Phase II NPPs. The brother NPPs are of grandiose grand and of great momentum. And by the seasite, the young people had an intimate contact with the gentle see breeze, blue seawater and great beach. Everybody enjoyed the picturesque home and felt its warm land.


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