08-12-24 21:00

HTR-PM RPS Prototype Passed Experts Appraisal


On Dec 9th, the PRS prototype for the High Temperature Reactor-Pebblebed Modules (HTR-PM) demonstration project of Huneng Shandong Shidao Bay Nuclear Power Plant passed the experts appraisal in Beijing. The plant owner Huneng Shandong Shidao Bay Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. (HSNPC) and the contractor China Energy Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (Chinergy) witnessed the whole assessment process. After strict evaluation, the experts recognized the R&D, V&V, test and appraisal process of the prototype. It was believed satisfying the related industrial regulations and standards. And its equipments have the functions and performance satisfying the requirements of the contract’s specification. The actual equipments to be delivered were approved to be produced and manufactured after the appraisal activity.

HTR-PM project is one of the key national science and technology projects launched during the 11th Five-Year Plan period, which involves the key technology research and engineering verification of digital reactor protection system for HTR application. RPS for the project was co-developed by Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology, Tsinghua University (INET) and China Techenergy Co., Ltd. (CTEC), among which CTEC was responsible for the development, test and appraisal work of the prototype.

The prototype passed the appraisal indicates the success of the development work of RPS for HTR-PM, a demonstration project of the 4th generation NPP. It was a further recognition of CTEC’s safety DCS product R&D capability, which laid a foundation for the system FirmSys’ application on HTR-PM and other PWR RPS projects.

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