08-12-24 21:00

Qualification Results of YJ 5&6 1E DCS Engineering Prototypes Approved by Experts


On Dec 23rd, the qualification results of 1E DCS (safety-classified DCS) Engineering prototypes for Yangjiang 5&6 (YJ 5&6) project successfully passed the expert assessment in Beijing. Experts from the nuclear power industry attended the appraisal conference, with Mr. Ye Qizhen, an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, being the leader of the expert team.


After a strict evaluation of the qualification activities and quality assurance system implemented by CTEC, the experts came to an agreement on the conclusion that the qualification results of YJ 5&6 1E DCS engineering prototypes met the requirements of the contract specification and related industry regulations and standards.


The integrated DCS solution for YJ 5&6 is the first project on which CTEC’s proprietary 1E DCS product FirmSys is applied to the 1000MW PWR units. To ensure 1E DCS based on FirmSys satisfies the design requirements and the requirements of nuclear safety regulations and standards, and be able to realizing the preset functions under the stipulated operating and environmental conditions, CTEC spent about 4 months to carry out comprehensive qualification test activities. And then the contractor China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd. (CNPEC) organized an expert assessment conference on behalf of the plant owner to evaluate the results.


The recognition of the experts on the qualification results laid a solid foundation for FirmSys the 1E DCS product’s application in 1000MW PWR units.

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