08-12-24 21:00

CTEC Project Team was Awarded the Title of YJ Excellent Supplier Team



On Feb 2nd, the CPR1000 DCS project team of CTEC was awarded the honor of YJ Excellent Supplier Team.


In 2014, CTEC made contributions to the commercial operation of Yangjiang Unit 1, hot test of Unit 2 and cold test of Unit 3 by providing equipment upgrading services and various technical supports which well recognized by the plant owner and contractor. So far, the company has completed the delivery of 53 LOTs for 14 CPR1000 Units, 94.6% of the total delivery. YJ Unit 4 DCS project is executed well as the plan at the moment. Its LOT2 and LOT3 are going to be dispatched before the end of September this year.

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