08-12-24 21:00

Shidao Bay HTR-PM Non-safety DCS Entered FAT Procedure


On May 26th, Shidao Bay HTR-PM non-safety DCS project had its FAT startup meeting held in Beijing. As the DCS equipment supplier, CTEC introduced the project progress and its future work plan. Other units including the plant owner, main contractor and design institute, highly appraised CTEC’s efforts and achievements in the project. At the meeting, the DCS FAT startup decision was made by all the participating parties.

As one of the major projects of the state, Shidao Bay HTR-PM is the first fourth generation of commercial NPP adopting 100% self-developed digital I&C systems in the country. Its integrated DCS solution was supplied by CTEC, including the safety and non-safety parts, which was officially launched on Sept. 25th 2010.

The DCS equipments entering the FAT procedure this time was the non-safety part, including the non-safety DCS, virtual DCS, and DEH systems, which was mainly used for plant operation monitoring, controlling and data analysis, as well as part functions of the simulator and the control function of steam turbines. There are 45 control stations and 106 cabinets to be supplied to the customer. 

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