08-12-24 21:00

Assembly of Taishan Unit 1&2 Safety DCS Cabinets Completed


On May 29th, the FAT1 summing-up meeting of Taishan Unit 2 was held in Beijing, which implied the completion of the safety DCS cabinet assembly work for Taishan NPP Unit 1&2.

The Taishan safety DCS cabinet assembly work started from December 2009 and ended in May this year, lasting about 65 months. CTEC project team overcame many difficulties and completed the work on time, which laid a solid foundation for the follow-up factory test work (FAT2). After FAT1 was finished, the assembly test of the equipment would be handed over to AREVA. In Taishan project, CTEC has established good cooperative relationship with Taishan NPP plant owner, CGNPC (the main contractor) and AREVA.

From the study of TXS cabinet assembly in Germany to the knowledge understanding in Ling’Ao II project, to the establishment of TXS cabinet assembly technology in Taishan project, CTEC has grown up rapidly and became the only enterprise outside Germany with the qualification of TXS cabinet assembly service with more than 50 certified engineers.

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