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CPR1000 Project Summing-up Meeting Held


On Oct 23rd, the summing-up meeting of CPR1000 DCS projects was held in Beijing. The meeting, attended by a number of managers and project leaders from MELCO and CTEC, was hosted by Mr. Ma Jiqiang, Assistant General Manager and Manager of Engineering Dept. of CTEC. 

At the meeting, the project leaders of the two sides summarized the project. Representatives from the project management, engineering implementation, quality assurance, technology research and commercial sectors of MELCO and CTEC shared their experience and feeling about the project. “Over the past 8 years, we have been together through the wind and rain, however, the achievements we have achieved are impressive,”Mr. Furuta Katsuya, Group Vice President of Nuclear Energy, Advanced Magnetic & Medical Systems Marketing Div., MELCO, said so. “The project can’t be implemented so well without the close cooperation of the consortium members.” Mr. Jiang Guojin, General Manager of CTEC expressed his sincere thanks to all the participants in the room when he mentioned the project process. 

The CPR1000 DCS project shouldered by the consortium, MELCO and CTEC, involves 14 1000MW nuclear power units. They are HYH Unit 1-4, ND Unit 1-4, YJ Unit 1-4, and FCG Unit 1-2. It has lasted about 8 years since the first equipment supply contract was signed. On Oct 18th this year , the last batch of DCS equipments for YJ Unit 4 was delivered, which declared the completion of equipment delivery for all 14 units, which involving the delivery of 2747 cabinets. Up to now, there are 9 of 14 units connected to grid and generating power. Among them, no delay event occurred due to the DCS faults.

The completion of the CPR1000 DCS delivery is the result of in-depth cooperation between the two sides. It also witnesses CTEC’s growth and going for maturity.

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