08-12-24 21:00

The 1st Nuclear 1E DCS in China FirmSys Passed Expert Assessment


Recently, FirmSys, a universal nuclear-safety DCS platform developed by CTEC, passed the expert assessment in Beijing. Being officially launched in October 2010, the platform was the first one in China with its own intellectual property. After the release, it had been applied in the DCS projects of Shidao Bay HTR-PM, Yangjiang 5&6, and Hongyanhe 5&6 NPPs. It has also finished construction of the DCS solution for Fangchenggang NPP, the first HPR1000 project of CGN. Through the accumulation of engineering experience, the platform has its performance improved continuously and its versatility enhanced significantly. As the first nuclear    1E DCS platform in the country, it has successfully passed a number of assessments on the R&D achievements, identification prototype and engineering prototype in past five years. The assessment held this time mainly focused on verifying the platform’s innovation and universality.

The assessment was organized by China Nuclear Energy Association (CNEA). The expert team with Mr. Ye Qi-zhen served as the team leader included a number of experts from the field of nuclear power and automation. During the assessment, the expert team reviewed the solutions for critical technical issues, achievement of key technical indicators and project experience feedback. The platform was regarded to meet the requirements of various nuclear power units via hardware and software configuration. The assessment conclusion had a positive significance for its application in both domestic and overseas NPP projects. Its technical achievements were identified to be leading in the country and advanced in the world. Some technical indicators of the platform are similar to foreign products.

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