08-12-24 21:00

NPP DCS Development Subject Passed Acceptance


On Dec 25th, the research subject of NPP DCS platform development, part of the major  national science and technology project “Large-scale Advanced PWR”, passed the formal acceptance organized by the National Energy Administration.

With CTEC in charge of the subject together with China Nuclear Power Design Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen), Nuclear and Radiation Safety Center of MEP (Ministry of Environmental Protection of the P.R.C.), and Hollysys Automation, all the research tasks were completed in 4 years. A number of NPP I&C platforms realized the transformation from research achievements to products and were successfully applied in engineering projects, including the first safety-classified DCS for NPPs in the country - FirmSys. Now, these research achievements have been used in the design and manufacturing of DCS for Yangjiang Unit 5&6 and Hongyanhe Unit 5&6.

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