08-12-24 21:00

Shidao Bay HTR-PM NC-DCS Project Held FAT Meeting


On Jan 28th, the Non-safety DCS FAT summary meeting of Huaneng Shidao Bay HTR-PM was held in Beijing.

Huaneng Shangdong Shidao Bay HTR-PM, one of the major national science and technology projects, is a first 4th generation nuclear power station for commercial use which adopts 100% domestic DCS equipments in the country. CTEC provides the integrated DCS solution for the project, including both the safety and non-safety parts. It’s the non-safety part this time having completed the FAT work, which includes NC-DCS, VDCS, DAS and DEH systems. It mainly performs the NPP operation monitor, control and data analysis functions (except for the reactor protection part), as well as the control function of the steam turbine and part functions of the simulator.

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