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The 3rd Gen. nuclear power technology of China HPR1000 selects CTEC DCS. In the HPR1000 International Summit held on February 23rd, the Digital Control System (DCS) Supply Contract for Fangchenggang Nuclear Power Plant Phase Ⅱ (FCG NPP Phase II), HPR1000 demonstration project of China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN), was signed by Mr. Shangguan Bin, Deputy General Manager of China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd. (CNPEC) and Mr. Jiang Guojin, General Manager of China Techenergy Co., Ltd. (CTEC).

DCS is one of the core equipments in a NPP. It monitors and controls the operation of the plant and is often described as the nerve center inside the industry.

The NPP DCS technology of China has become increasingly competitive. Recent years it has been applied in many new built NPPs of the country, with its reliability and advancement proved in the plants entering operation. CTEC’s NPP DCS platforms have been widely used in in-service NPP upgrade and new plant construction. For example, its integrated DCS solution was applied in Yangjiang Unit 5&6, Hongyanhe Unit 5&6 and Shidao Bay HTR-PM, including both the safety-classified (1E) and non-safety classified systems. The NPP DCS technology developed by the Chinese company has brought considerable economic and social benefits for the country’s nuclear power construction.

As the first HPR1000 project selecting CTEC’s NPP DCS, FCG NPP Phase II is expected to demonstrate the quality of Chinese nuclear power technology and equipments, and to provide reference for the future projects. Self-developed NPP DCS is regarded as a capacity-building component for China’s nuclear power industry. Together with other equipment supply capabilities, it will strongly support the going global strategy of HPR1000 technology.

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