08-12-24 21:00

CTEC Upgrade & Maintenance Service Recognized by Qinshan Customer


On April 8th, Mr. Yang Zhou, CTEC Vice General Manager and Mr. Ma Jiqiang, Assistant General Manager of the company made a visit to Qinshan Nuclear Power Base. Mr. Liu Chongdu, Vice General Manager of CNNP Nuclear Power Operation Management Co., Ltd. attended the exchange activity. The two sides reviewed the cooperation in the past at the meeting. Mr. Liu Chongdu on behalf of the company presented to CTEC the memorial cup of new equipment operation, which was to appreciate what CTEC had done in the DCS/KIT/KPS upgrade project of Qinshan Unit 1&2 and its long-term support to the base. Mr. Yang Zhou thanked Mr. Liu and his team for their recognition and support, and expressed his expectation for a deepen exchanges and cooperation.

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