08-12-24 21:00

NRO & CTEC Promote Nuclear Safety Culture


On Feb 24th, the Northern Regional Office of Nuclear and Radiation Safety Inspection, Ministry of Environment Protection of P.R. China (hereafter called NRO) and CTEC held a workshop on quality supervision and management, which was a part of the years nuclear safety promotion activity.

There were nearly 70 professionals from NRO, CNPEC, CNPE and CTEC attended the workshop. It broke the previous model of one-way training and tried a more open and active way of discussion. Through the interaction with the regulator, CTEC took the initiative to find the deficiencies of its quality management and nuclear safety culture construction, made in-depth analysis of the influencing factors, and suggestions for quality improvement.

The workshop is conductive to the company, which can promote nuclear safety culture, raise the awareness of quality management and enhance experience feedback and communication between the regulator, contractor and supplier.

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