08-12-24 21:00

National Nuclear Emergency Officer Visited CTEC




In the afternoon of April 14th, Mr. Yao Bin, Deputy Director of the National Nuclear Emergency Office and Ms. Huang Min, Deputy Director of the Nuclear Emergency and Safety Regulatory office, State Administration of Science Technology and Industry for National Defense made a visit to CTEC being accompanied by Mr. Jiang Guojin, General Manager of CTEC.

Yao Bin listened to the report on the R&D and application of CTEC’s five I&C platforms. The survey focused on nuclear emergency technology and products developed by the company. The team watched the function display of platform software developed for CGN’s Nuclear Emergency Command Center. They also visited the National Energy NPP I&C R&D Center and the testing workshop of the ongoing DCS projects.

Yao Bin affirmed the birth and application of the safety DCS platform FirmSys developed by CTEC. He said the state attached great importance to the establishment and improvement of the nuclear emergency response system and paid close attention to related technologies and products. The nuclear emergency management information system EmInfoSys developed by CTEC has a positive effect on the safe operation of the NPPs in the country.

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