08-12-24 21:00

CTEC Carried Out Knowledge Popularization of Nuclear Safety Culture

On July 6 to 7, CTEC organized a closed-book exam on nuclear safety culture and related rules and regulations in the company. The exam, as part of the nuclear safety culture and learning organization construction, was to set off a craze for learning nuclear safety rules, regulations and knowledge and turn theory into practice. Every employee is encouraged to play the personal role of a barrier and ensure the product safety and reliability.
The exam involves the basic knowledge of nuclear safety culture and requirements of HAF601, HAF003, No. 84 Document and corporate standards, which covers all nuclear-related activities such as R&D, design, component selection and procurement, manufacturing and production, supervision and inspection, to engineering implementation and file management, ect. It is featured in abundant, comprehensive and practical questions, which plays a positive role in improving the knowledge level and career quotient of the staff on nuclear safety culture.

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