08-12-24 21:00

FirmSys Received 2017 CNEA First S&T Prize


On Dec 6th, the design technology of FirmSys real-time operating system won the first Science and Technology Prize of China Nuclear Energy Association (CNEA) in 2017.

FirmSys is the nuclear safety DCS platform developed by CTEC, which fills the gap in the field of technology in the country. Up to now, the platform has been applied in the instrumentation and control system upgrade of Daya Bay, Ling’Ao and Qinshan nuclear power stations, and in the reactor protection system construction of Yangjiang Unit 5&6, Hongyanhe Unit 5&6, Tianwan Unit 5&6, Fangchenggang Unit 3&4 and Shidao Bat HTR-PM project.

There were only 3 first prizes, 21 second prizes and 55 third prizes selected in the industry. The prize won by FirmSys indicates the full recognition of the nuclear energy industry in China, both for its research results, wide application and significant role in promoting the development of the country’s nuclear power industry.

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